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In the appearing opposition between allopathic medicine and alternative medicine like homeopathy, acupuncture, some kind of osteopathy, there is certainly a pragmatic approach between the “diehard rational” and the “emotional”.

When the Dr Coudert decided to learn more about all these so-called alternative techniques, he chose not to neglect any therapeutic lead to be able to adapt to his patients’ sensibility.
However, the keyword is still diagnostic and clinic strictness, based above all on the scientific medical formation and its experience as a clinician, but in the therapeutic field and according to the case, it can be smart to use alternative medicines.

Here is why Dr. Coudert’s therapeutical qualifications are numerous:

Ultrasound guided injections, focused shock waves, reeducation, visco-supplementation, growth factors…

But he also uses mild techniques such as reflex mesotherapy which uses acupuncture points, homeopathy when it is adapted to sports or osteoarticular diseases, osteopathy whether classical (joint manipulations) or more “fluid” (fascias or muscular chain technique) or the study of postural chains…

Not to forget the integration of this ensemble in a more general, physiological, psychic, micro-nutritional and physics and sports rehabilitation therapy.