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Dr. Coudert is keen on IT and new technologies and believes that the advent of broadband Internet and NICT are the best future way to coordinate and centralize the medical information. In 1992, he created with a friend working in IT and sciences (A. Jabir) a software for Physical Medicine and Sports Medicine, which led to the creation of the software askamon™.

Thanks to this software, the medical file of high performance sportspeople can be safely and confidentially computerized.

In 2007, he founded IMSPro (International Medical Sport Provider) based in Monaco where askamon™ is marketed, in compliance with the international provisions which warranty the respect of the patients´ personal and health data.

Nowadays, many Federations and Professional leagues are equipped with askamon™, in collective sports (football, basketball, handball…) as well as in individual sports (golf, rowing, canoeing, modern pentathlon…), for the medical follow-up of the sportspeople, the statistical study of their condition and the settlement of preventive treatments for injuries.