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Dr. Coudert’s medical aspiration is clear and well identified:

  • Promoting Sports medicine, a rich and diverse specialty which unites sciences as diverse as traumatology, general medicine, cardiology, rehabilitation, physiology, nutrition and so much more.

Finding a balance is always difficult because a compromise needs to be found between a minimal indisposition for the athlete and a scarring compatible with a resumption of sport without relapse nor after-effect.

This is what makes this specialty interesting and appealing, but also difficult.

  • Creating a dynamic around knowledge transfer among young doctors to encourage them to acquire the required qualities, which are in the end those belonging to sports : “Quality indeed, but especially a team spirit for a mutual aid, work and competence, experience for difficult times and a continuity of action to be written in time.”
  • Relying on NTCI to pursue the Sports Medicine modernization from which a lot is expected especially concerning the information destined to the general public. “It is through these new technologies and thanks to a centralized database that science will be made available to the field people through statistics and for the medical research, where the patient will be involved in his health management, and where we will deliver expert, validated and personalized advice.”

Benefitting from the experience he got thanks to his two passions – medicine and sports – and visionary on new technologies, Dr. Coudert makes his knowledge available to as many people as possible by giving to each one of them concrete and practical tools to keep this fragile state of “good health” as long as possible.

The price of greatness is responsibility (Winston Churchill)

… and our greatness is where we transform our work into a mission.”